Deputy Chairman stops Anand Sharma from speaking in Parliament, provokes Congress MP

Sep 16 2020 01:25 PM
Deputy Chairman stops Anand Sharma from speaking in Parliament, provokes Congress MP

New Delhi: Today is the third day of the monsoon session of Parliament. The Ayurveda Institute of Teaching and Research Bill, 2020 has been passed by the Rajya Sabha today. Earlier last Tuesday, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh spoke in the Lok Sabha. He spoke about the continuing tension with China over LAC and also explained the situation in eastern Ladakh. In addition, he said, "Our jawans are ready to deal with every situation. The intention of China's change on LAC was already noticed by our jawans." On Wednesday, when Anand Sharma was speaking in the Rajya Sabha, the deputy chairman stopped him.

The deputy chairman said that "2.30 hours have been given for discussion, and accordingly, the MPs have been given time to speak". After hearing this, Anand Sharma replied to him and said it was a mess. Then there was a fierce debate. Anand Sharma said how we will discuss in such a short time. After seeing this, the Congress MP said, "Don't make fun of this discussion and take it seriously." Meanwhile, the TMC MP referred to the rule and the deputy chairman said, "2.30 hours have already been given. The discussion will take place today and tomorrow."

Meanwhile, there was a debate between the deputy chairman and the opposition MPs. Anand Sharma said yesterday that the health minister said the lockdown decision prevented about 14 to 29 lakh corona cases and 37,000-78,000 deaths. After that, Anand Sharma said that the House should inform us on what basis we have come to this conclusion. In addition, Anand Sharma also said that suddenly a lockdown was imposed on a 4-hour notice causing hardships to the people. We cannot deny the picture of India that has been portrayed in front of the world. In addition, there were many other things that were disputed.

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