UK Crime Prevention officials give this shocking revelation; know more!

Sep 16 2020 12:30 PM
UK Crime Prevention officials give this shocking revelation; know more!

Recently, the UK crime prevention officials gave a very shocking revelation. The officials and cops in the UK have seized over 300,000 pounds from a couple who was touted to be of Indian-origin. The cash is being presumed as the proceeds of crime. The house and belonging of the couple - Sailesh and Harkit Singara in Edgware, northwest London is being searched intensively and then it revealed a total of more than 200,000 pounds, with around half of the money cleverly piled on a bed. The National Crime Agency (NCA) further stated, 'Another 100,000 pounds was discovered in a suitcase on the floor.'

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Rachael Herbert, Head of Threat Response at the NCA stated, “Some Money Service Businesses (MSBs) continue to pose a risk to the UK by facilitating the movement of illicit cash. The NECC and its partners have developed an increased understanding of this threat, which is enabling more effective action against suspicious MSBs while supporting legitimate businesses." Furthermore, officers who were searching found a further 100,000 pounds in a bag which was in the ownership of Sailesh Mandalia, a business partner of Singara.

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Considering the money to be the proceeds of crime, Metropolitan Police Organised Crime Partnership (OCP) wherein prosecutors appealed for an abandonment order that is a civil process in the UK intended to recover illegal cash where there has been no proven criminal offense. In October 2019, the order was granted at Westminster Magistrates' Court in London, along with directions that the three respondents must pay costs of a combined 1,895 pounds. However, Mandalia and the Singaras had urged upon the relinquishment.

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