Anger erupted in English over pollution in Parliament, farmers stunned

New Delhi; For a long time, there was a debate in the Rajya Sabha on the fifth day of the winter session in Parliament over the increasing pollution and burning of stubble. During this time a member of the BJP pointed out that on the issue of pollution and stubble burning, most of the discussion going on in Parliament since last few days is being done in English, which the farmers of the states around Delhi do not understand. It has been said that they are being accused or given praise in this.

According to the information received during the Question Hour in the Rajya Sabha, when BJP member Lt Gen (Retd) DP Watts said this while asking supplementary questions, a smile appeared on the faces of the members sitting in the House. While asking supplementary questions on the issue related to the management of straw and straw, said that in states like air pollution and Punjab, Haryana etc. In Parliament on the subject of burning straw standing discussion over the past two days.

It is being said that he said that this discussion took place mostly in the English language. Therefore, the Hindi and Punjabi-speaking farmers of these states do not understand that they are being accused or given praise in this. During the Question Hour in the same House, Raviprakash Verma of Samajwadi Party while asking supplementary questions expressed concern that farmers who produce food grains for the country should be arrested for burning stubble. He said that this is a very worrying matter and farmers should not be arrested.

However, according to the information received from the sources, the Minister of State for Agriculture Kailash Chaudhary in response to this question shrugged it off saying that it is becoming a state subject and the Center cannot do anything on it. Later, Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu asked the Trinamool Congress member and senior advocate Sukhendu Shekhar Rai to know whether the Supreme Court has given any direction to take action against the farmers who burn the stubble? On this, Roy shook his head and agreed. On this, Naidu said that then it is a serious issue.

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