Pawan Singh once again succeeds in winning the hearts of fans, new song released

Bhojpuri power star Pawan Singh's new song 'Zindagi 2 Meet' has been creating a stir ever since its release. The song has garnered millions of views in just a few minutes after its release. Pawan is once again wielding magic on the music lovers with his steamy songs. The craze for this song is seen speaking to people's heads.

Pawan Singh's new song hit: This song of Pawan Singh is 'Zindagi 2 Meet', the shooting of this song has been completed among the funny valleys of Kashmir which is called heaven in the past. That's why ever since the pictures of his shooting for this song went viral, people have been waiting for this song. Today, as soon as this song has been released, it has started going viral rapidly. Pawan Singh has given his fans a big treat through this song.

With this song, Power Star Pawan Singh narrates the story of a superstar in his own words. It has started to be liked by the audience. Pawan Singh's heart-touching expression and the tune of the song in the valleys of Kashmir is subduing the music lovers. He has called Pawan's song amazing and said that there is no one like Pawan. Pawan Singh's song has been released on VYRL Bhojpuri. The voice in it is that of Pawan Singh. The music composer is Vinay Vinayak, the lyrics belong to Pinku Baba. According to media reports, the director is Dipesh Goyal and PRO Ranjan Sinha. This song is also moving towards making records like Pawan's other songs. Then Pawan Singh is now also called the record machine.  


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