Payal Rohatgi is in favor of Sajid Khan participating in Bigg Boss 16
Payal Rohatgi is in favor of Sajid Khan participating in Bigg Boss 16

In response to Sajid Khan's participation in Bigg Boss 16, Payal Rohatgi has criticised Mandana Karimi, another contestant on Lock Upp, for saying that she wants to leave the film industry. The actress, who claimed that "he has the right to repent, earn money," defended the filmmaker instead.

Payal wrote, "You should not stay in Iran too as women aren't respected there either," quoting Mandana from one of her most recent interviews in which she said, "This (Bollywood) is no place to work, it has no respect for women."

Payal also refuted Mandana's assertion that she was still owed money from her previous reality show. Being a part of the same show, Payal stated, presented her with no such difficulties. She said, "You left the show, so there needs to be a provision allowing for payment release when inmates leave the show. Ten days after the show ended, I received my entire payment."

Payal wrote a lengthy letter endorsing Sajid Khan and stating, "Six women have publicly admitted that Sajid Khan has wronged them. Everyone has criticized him for his actions, and he has been publicly humiliated. The 6 women can now file a lawsuit against him."

It continued, "For the record, however, when murderers have been given the chance to change their ways thanks to Mahatma Gandhi's ideals, then even Sajid Khan is entitled to life in this country. He is entitled to a living. He is entitled to turn around. Allow him to defend his rights. Although you disagree with him, you avoid the drama of quitting Bollywood."

For those who may not be aware, Sajid Khan's involvement in Bigg Boss 16 has stirred up controversy. Several women involved in the "Me Too" movement, including Mandana Karimi, accused him. Several celebrities, including Sona Mohapatra and Urfi Javed, have criticized the producers for giving him work and a chance to succeed ever since he entered Bigg Boss 16.

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