Penguin came back after touching death, you will be shocked to see viral video

Life and death, this is where two things are the greatest truth of life. Although people sometimes survive, sometimes people even come back after touching death. In today's time, all kinds of videos are Viral Videos going viral on social media, but nowadays a video related to penguins is going viral, which has come back from the shock of death. After seeing this, your breath will also be hung. In fact, all of you have often seen in films that heroes or villains perform amazing stunts that stop breathing. In the meantime, he sometimes seems to have died now, but his spirit and courage to live to save him.

Something similar has happened in this viral video. In this video, you can see some penguins walking somewhere on frozen ice, but a short distance away, a large part of the ice breaks down and separates. Seeing this, penguins retreat, but a penguin would have gone a long way, he gets stuck. Even then, he does not give up, and after thinking for a few seconds, he suddenly starts running forward and finally manages to escape somehow with courage.



Now people are happy to see this video and after watching it some people have responded and said that they really stopped breathing. The brilliant video was shared by IAS officer Avnish Sharan on his Twitter and the caption reads, "That's all there is between life and death". The 33-second video has so far been viewed and liked by millions of people.

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