Crowd gathered in the election campaign of the journalist

Sandeep Rajput/Narsinghpur: Intensive public relations are being conducted by the candidates for the ongoing Panchayat and Body elections in the state. Along with the parties, independent candidates are also showing their full strength and reaching out to the people with many promises with them. In many places, social workers, and journalists are also trying their luck in the race to contest elections. Kareli municipal elections in Narsinghpur district, ward number 6 Rajendra ward from independent candidate Bhagirath Tiwari (journalist) whose election symbol is the coconut tree.

Journalist Tiwari held door-to-door public relations and discussed with voters and listened to their problems and assured them of resolving them by listening to them.

Tiwari said in the manifesto while doing public relations and said that I will look forward to the service of the citizens of the ward 24 hours a day and make one of my educated social workers among the citizens of the ward as my representative, during the public support a large number of journalist colleagues from all over the district, including the citizens of the ward, contacted Bhagirath Tiwari (journalist) door-to-door with Bhagirath Tiwari (journalist) as an independent candidate for the councillor.

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