Awe of Coronavirus, people afraid of eating Chinese dishes
Awe of Coronavirus, people afraid of eating Chinese dishes

New Delhi: The fear of Coronavirus has increased so much that people are doing strange things to avoid it. The most interesting in this is to stop eating Chinese food. People all over the world have stopped eating choumin and fried rice out of fear of Chinese Coronavirus. In order to protect themselves from the threat of this virus, people have also started avoiding Chinese restaurants.

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According to various media reports, the Chinese Coronavirus has the highest impact in Chinese food restaurants. In many countries including America, Vietnam, Philippines, and Europe people have stopped eating in Chinese restaurants. It has the most impact in America. People are now eating burgers and hot dogs instead of eating choumin, fried rice, and chicken rolls. Experts believe that the coronavirus is having a very bad effect on Chinese cuisine worldwide.

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Meanwhile, Chinese citizens are defending their cuisine through various social sites and articles. Chinese people say that the World Health Organization (WHO) has not mentioned Chinese food in the list of rescues. These people say that Chinese food is completely safe and eating it does not spread any infection.

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