Thailand Doctors claims, "Patient is recovering from this medicine in just 48 hours"
Thailand Doctors claims,

Beijing: 17387 people worldwide have been sick with Coronavirus so far. While 17205 of these people are infected only in China. So far, 362 people have died due to coronavirus. Before the big and powerful countries of the world devise the drug of Coronavirus, Thailand's doctors have prepared a new medicine by mixing some medicines.

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The government of Thailand claims that this drug is also effective. After giving it, a patient was cured within 48 hours. Thailand's doctor Krensak Atiepornwanich has told that we gave a new medicine to a 71-year-old female patient in 48 hours. Within 12 hours of being given the medicine, the woman sat up on the bed, even before that she could not move from her place. In just 48 hours, she has recovered 90 percent. In a few days, we will fix it completely and bring it home.

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Doctor Krensak Atiepornwanich has told that if we tested this drug in the lab, we got very positive results. It gave relief to the patient within 12 hours. In 48 hours, the patient has fully recovered. Doctor Krensak Atipornavnich has said that for the treatment of coronavirus, we have prepared a new drug by combining anti-flu drug oseltamivir with lopinavir and ritonavir. This drug has proved to be very effective. We are now testing in the lab to make it work.

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