Peru reports over 27 thousand deaths due to coronavirus
Peru reports over 27 thousand deaths due to coronavirus

Lima: The South American country of Peru, which is suffering from the devastation of the global pandemic Corona virus, has recorded 6,24,438 infections, with 1724 new cases of corona infection reported during the past 24 hours, to 6,00,438. The Peruvian Ministry of Health released these figures in its daily report on Tuesday.

In Peru, 27,813 people have lost their lives due to this epidemic. More than 3 million samples have been corona tested in Peru so far. So far, 4,07,301 patients of Corona have been fully recovered in Peru. It is notable that here, Corona infected patients are recovering rapidly in India. According to the Health Ministry, a record 62,282 patients were recovered in 24 hours on Friday. A total of 21 lakh 58 thousand patients have been cured so far. If we look at the example of other countries of the world, India has reached the peak of Corona epidemic. This means that now the number of patients will start decreasing.

The Health Ministry of India has said that the recovery rate in the country is now over 74 percent (74.28% recovery as on 21 August). The recovery rate is above 50 percent in 33 states and union territories. The ministry also said that the death rate of corona in the country is below the world average and has steadily declined. The corona mortality rate is now 1.89 percent.

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