India is going to invest big to increase the supply of natural gas
India is going to invest big to increase the supply of natural gas

New Delhi: The central government is going to take big steps to increase the supply of natural gas in the country. India has announced large investments in this area. Union Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has said that India is investing $ 60 billion (about Rs 4.2 lakh crore) in its infrastructure to boost the supply and distribution of natural gas. The government has targeted to double the share of natural gas in the country's energy needs by 2030. Presently, natural gas accounts for 6.2% of the country's energy consumption.

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Natural gas is considered a relatively clean fuel due to low carbon emissions. The government is making efforts to increase its share in India's energy needs. At the third conference of the International Think Tank, Pradhan said that the city gas distribution network would soon cover 70 per cent of the total population. The government is looking for partners for investment in the oil and gas sector. The Petroleum Minister said that the energy sector would play a key role in achieving the target of an economy of $ 5 trillion.

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During the meeting, the heads of oil companies said that India will continue to do its best to increase fossil fuel consumption in its energy needs. He also said that "the government needs to immediately form a comprehensive energy policy for all forms of energy. Talking about the disruptions in energy supply from the global turmoil, the Union Minister said that we have seen things like the US embargo on Iran and Venezuela and the attack on Saudi Arabia's oil plant. This carries the risk of disrupting the energy supply. In such a situation, we need to pay attention to energy security".

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