Piaggio bikes to come with courtesy lights
Piaggio bikes to come with courtesy lights

Future bikes and scooters from the Piaggio may come with an aunique feature. The two-wheeler maker  has recently filed for a patent of a new type of courtesy light that illuminates the ground under the two-wheeler while parking. This feature will provide users a clear view of the area when stepping out of the vehicle.

The patent shows the lights fitted to a heavy-weight Moto Guzzi touring bike . The two lights can be seen in the patent. The first light can be seen lighting the ground under the rider's footpeg, while the second one under the passenger's ground. These lights will guide the rider if accidentally stepping into a puddle. It will also come handy while extending the parking stand of the bike, especially heavy bike.

This feature of curtesy light is generally found on four-wheelers with lights being embedded in the section of the front doors which meets the B-pillars.  There is also a second image which shows the system used on a small capacity scooter. Here the lights are used under the running boards of the scooter to serve the same purpose.  Apart from this, the company has also registered Aprilia 'eSR1' name for one of its future two-wheelers. 

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