Plane crash in Valley center, pilot died
Plane crash in Valley center, pilot died

Recently a sad news has come. A plane crashed in Northeast San Diego County community near 30642 Palomar Vista Drive at 6 pm. The pilot died in a plane crash in the Valley Center and a passenger was injured last Sunday evening. Talking about the matter, officials said that "single-engine aircraft crashed into the back of a house on Palomar Vista Drive just before Coal 6 Grade Road at 6 pm. The aircraft got caught in flames due to the impact. ''

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According to information received, the San Diego County Sheriff's Department talked about this and said, "The plane went down near Palomar Vista Drive, about 6:15 a.m. Sunday, east of the intersection of Colome Grade Road and Pouma Heights Road. Valley Center High School is in front of the intersection." No other information has been revealed so far.

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There are also reports that the pilot is to be identified by the relatives. A girl who is a passenger has been admitted to the hospital.

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