Pitra Paksha 2020: Easy recipe to make delicious Kheer

Sep 03 2020 06:22 PM
Pitra Paksha 2020: Easy recipe to make delicious Kheer

In Hindu religiosity, special importance of offering kheer to the ancestors at the time of Shraddha is stated. It is believed that by offering Kheer, ancestors are pleased and blesses the family with happiness. So let's know how to make Kheer in Shraddha -

necessary ingredients-
- 1 liter milk
-2 bowl mache
- 4 tbsp sugar
- 2 tbsp ghee
- Cashew Clipping
- Pav bowl bowl (dry coconut)
- Cardamom Powder
Half spoon soaked in saffron milk.

Method of preparation of Kheer
To make kheer, first heat the ghee in a pan and fry the makhanas in it. After this, take out the roasted makhanas in a plate and cool them and grind them. Then allow the milk to boil, when the milk boils well, add the coarsely ground makhena and cook it. After this, cook the kheer till it becomes thick. Then add cashew-almond cuttings, coconut boora, raisins, cardamom and saffron. Now your kheer is ready. Now put it in a hot plate and serve.

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