Afghanistan's plan fails, may affect India
Afghanistan's plan fails, may affect India

Washington: After tensions in Iran that have been going on for the past several days, now US President Donald Trump has got a solid excuse not to withdraw his army from Afghanistan. Trump had been advocating talks with the Taliban over the past year and the removal of 14,000 US troops in Afghanistan, in the face of domestic political pressure and electoral lines. However, Indian agencies had foreseen that the US would not withdraw its troops from Afghanistan in the near future.

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After information from the sources, working on Pak-Afghanistan affairs told Amar Ujala that the serious tension that has arisen with Iran has given Trump a big reason for not withdrawing the army. There has been talking of reducing the force in Afghanistan since the time of Barack Obama's government in 2009. But every time for some reason or other it is postponed. In the year 2017, the Trump government sent 3,000 more soldiers in the name of dismantling Pakistan-backed Taliban, ISIS, and Al Qaeda. At the same time, in the name of training the army of Afghanistan, American soldiers remained frozen in different areas. But since last year, due to the pressure of American civil society to withdraw the army, the trumps were openly showing seriousness in this regard. There were several rounds of talks with the Taliban in this regard.

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At the same time, it is known that the intelligence agencies around the world stood up when in November, Trump suddenly visited the US Air Force base in Bagram, Afghanistan and met his soldiers. By then tensions with Iran had begun to escalate and a period of sanctions had begun.

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