Plane crashes in Los Angeles, later hit by a train
Plane crashes in Los Angeles, later hit by a train

California : On Sunday, police in Los Angeles, California, extracted the pilot from a crash-landed Cessna seconds before the plane was hit by a train, sending debris flying everywhere. According to local media, the plane crashed shortly after takeoff in the Pacoima district, and a dramatic video shows multiple officers extracting the man from the fallen jet. When a passing train wrecks the plane, the police and pilot are only a few feet from the rails.

Los Angeles Fire Department authorities say the Cessna 172 went down on the tracks near to Whiteman Airport in Pacoima immediately after taking off around 2:10 p.m. A Metrolink train slammed into it about 20 minutes later, but its lone occupant was rescued to safety.

People were heard exclaiming, "He's out of there, they got him out!" on video captured at the scene by an OC Hawk news videographer. The pilot was rushed to the hospital. No one was wounded on the ground or on the train, according to reports.

As about 3 p.m. Sunday, the plane was still on the tracks, blocking all railway traffic in the region. The area near the accident scene was littered with pieces of the plane's engine and fuselage, as well as damaged railway crossing signals. Firefighters were able to control a little amount of fuel that had escaped from it.

According to Federal Aviation Administration officials, the aircraft is owned by a Santa Clarita resident and its registration is valid until May 2025. The FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board were investigating the cause of the emergency landing.

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