P C  THOMAS - Our character is what defines who we really are. Our words or speech can be used to destroy, hurt, malign, slander and curse God and man.  They can be powerful, unrelenting and poisonous.  On the other hand, our speech can also be beneficial, motivating, loving, encouraging, strengthening, sweet and blessing.  In can be life, happiness, joy and love.  Our speech can be sweat or sour!

King Solomon said, “Pleasant words are honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” Yes, we know that honey has various therapeutic properties.  Honey has proven to be helpful with allergies, burns, ulcers, skin grafts and it has been used in many other medical applications over the years.  Solomon was stating that kind words have the qualities of a honeycomb – sweet to the taste and health to the body.  Our words and deeds can convert enemies into friends, bring healing to the hurting, hope to the hopelessness, joy to the downcast and encouragement to the depressed.

It has also been a proven fact that a pleasant nature can convert an enemy into friend: Let me try to explain it with a living story:-

Once, a women belonged two beautiful, briskly pure white-feathered chickens.  One day, both the hens went away from her courtyard and engaged themselves in the garden of an ill-tempered neighbor.  Seeing the scene, the short-tempered man-neighbor caught both the hens, wrung their necks, and threw them back over the fence. Naturally, seeing the scene, the women was upset, but she did not get angry over the neighbour, neither she rushed over or screamed at him.  Instead she took the birds, dressed them out and prepared two delicious tandoori chicken fry.  Then she delivered one of the freshly baked pics to the man who had killed her hens. She made an apology before him for not being more cautious about keeping her chickens in her own yard.  With that chicken pie and apology filled him a burning sense of shame, but she was not trying to get even.. Her motive in returning good for evil was to show her neighbor true Godly love, and may be even bringing about a change of heart.

How many of us have ever had a moment in our life where we have envied another person in some way, shape or form?  Come on .. admit it...  Never underestimate the power of love, loyalty, kindness and goodness.  They possess healing power and bring with them life, joy, happiness and fulfillment.  Use the power of Divine love and diffuse the enemy’s bombs of bitterness, anger, hatred and unforgiveness.  There is never a wrong time to do the right thing. Even if no one notices or appreciates our kindness and good deeds, we will never regret doing good deeds.



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