Mar 05 2021 03:32 PM

PC  THOMAS: It is the time that many educational institutions are releasing the results of exams online.  When the CBSE or the State Board Class-12 results are declared, students are steering up for a decisive phase of their lives.  For the Class10 students, their results decide which stream they have to choose for higher studies, as it is one of the significant milestones of their life. For Class 12 students, it is all about getting into the right institution and facing stiff competition. And those who fail to perform well in exams have to take further chances to improve and recover.

An increasing sense of competition is always disturbing the minds of children and parents. Some parents think that the marks obtained by their children are the barometer to judge their future. At the same time, children’s natural ability, skills and creativity usually take a backseat.  

Once the results are out, parents generally start comparing their children’s marks with those of others. They say to their child –“Look at Mishraji-uncle ka beta or Pinky didi ki ladki.  You have scored only 88 percent marks, while the others have scored 98 percent. They scored ‘A’ plus, but you got B or C.   They have not given tuition to their child, as their life situation is not so good. At the same, we gave you a lot of facilities and amenities”. If you are a parent of this kind of mindset, you are definitely spoiling the life of your child.

It has been observed that scoring less mark in exams push students sometimes towards depression, leading even to suicide. If your child gets high marks, that is great! But if the child doesn’t, don’t take away his/her self-confidence and dignity by comparing him/her to other children. Appreciate his/her efforts, even if your child scores 2 marks more than in the previous exam. Tell him/her that he/she has ample room for improvement. This will build confidence in him/her.

Some parents feel pride that they have made their kid’s admission in prestigious and costly schools. Obtaining good education is a privilege of the children, and it is the obligation of the parents to train them accordingly. Parents ought to comprehend that the primary objective of best education is to make children capable and self-dependent people and not merely qualify them for securing an occupation and earn money.

Parents should also keep in mind that every child is unique and special. Each one has her own set of special talents and strengths. As children are the most important asset in their life, parents must focus all their attention on them and do whatever they can to make sure that they do well and develop their potential. Allow the children opt for their career.

Cut-throat competition usually leads to depression among students and as a result, they fail to rise up to the expectations of their parents. The parents should take out more time to understand and encourage their kids instead of comparing them with peers and classmates. School shall make the students understand that the marks scored in the examination are not the only benchmark to decide their future. 

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