PM Modi Accuses INDIA Bloc of Conspiring to Divide Indian Society by Caste
PM Modi Accuses INDIA Bloc of Conspiring to Divide Indian Society by Caste

Lucknow: Launching a scathing attack on the Samajwadi Party, Congress, and the INDIA bloc, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday that these alliance members aim to relegate India's majority society to second-class citizenship. He accused the Opposition of conspiring to create divisions among people based on their castes.

Addressing a rally, PM Modi claimed that the Samajwadi Party intentionally kept Purvanchal underdeveloped as part of a conspiracy. He stated, "Purvanchal will repeatedly punish those who betrayed this region. Today, I have come to Purvanchal to alert the people of Ghosi about the conspiracy of the INDI alliance. The INDI alliance of SP and Congress is making all the castes fight among themselves. These people want Dalit, Brahmin, Rajputs, Chauhan, Yadav, Kurmi, etc., to become weak by fighting among themselves."

He further explained that by creating disunity, the Opposition aims to divert people's attention from real issues, allowing them to implement their conspiracies.

PM Modi outlined three main conspiracies he believes the INDIA bloc is pursuing:

Changing the Constitution to provide reservation based on religion.
Eliminating reservation for OBCs and giving full reservation to Muslims.
Making the majority society of India second-class citizens.

He criticized the SP-Congress alliance for turning Purvanchal into an area plagued by mafia, poverty, and helplessness. However, he highlighted that Purvanchal has been electing the Prime Minister of the country for the last 10 years and the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh for the last seven years, making it a special region.

PM Modi recalled the 2012 manifesto of SP, which promised reservations for Muslims similar to those for Dalits, arguing that this goes against the spirit of the Constitution. He accused the INDIA bloc of disregarding constitutional principles and of favoring minority groups over the majority.

He also pointed out that before 2014, the INDIA bloc transformed the country's institutions to favor minorities, changing laws to do so. Recently, the Calcutta High Court canceled the OBC reservation for 77 Muslim castes, which PM Modi cited as an example of the bloc's exploitation of the OBC quota.

Additionally, he accused the opposition of criticizing the Ram Temple, claiming they were angered by its construction. "During elections, they pretend to visit temples, but after 500 years, when such a significant moment of our civilization and faith arrived, they started abusing the Ram temple and finding faults in it. They are continuously putting pressure, just as the Shah Bano decision was overturned, similarly, the Supreme Court decision on the Ram Temple should be overturned," PM Modi said.

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