PM Modi Alleges INDIA Alliance Undermining National Interests
PM Modi Alleges INDIA Alliance Undermining National Interests

In Bihar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi criticized leaders of the INDIA bloc for their recent comments, suggesting that they had taken money to speak against India. He specifically mentioned remarks made by Farooq Abdullah, Mani Shankar Aiyar, and Telangana Chief Minister Revanth Reddy, implying that they were undermining India's interests.

Speaking at a rally in Muzaffarpur, PM Modi expressed concerns about the opposition, stating, "These individuals seem so fearful that they envision Pakistan's threats even in their sleep. Can such leaders govern our nation effectively? They make remarks like, 'Pakistan hasn't worn bangles, we will make them wear it.' They lack basic necessities like electricity, and now we're unsure if they even have bangles. Some are absolving the accused of the 26/11 attacks, questioning surgical and air strikes, and aiming to weaken our nuclear capabilities. It appears as if the INDIA alliance is working against India's interests. Can we trust them to make decisions for our country?"

Without naming Abdullah, PM Modi highlighted Pakistan's economic challenges, emphasizing the favorable momentum for the BJP and NDA in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.
He remarked, "As the fourth phase of elections proceeds, there's a strong wave in favor of BJP and NDA. Everywhere I go, I hear the same chant, 'Once Again, Modi Government.' This election determines our future, and our nation doesn't desire an ineffectual and unstable government like Congress."

PM Modi also addressed the long-standing issue of naxalism in Bihar, noting the suffering endured by the people of Muzaffarpur and Bihar. He attributed past governance to nurturing naxalism and its adverse impact on Bihar's industries and businesses.

The Prime Minister criticized the previous Jungle Raj led by RJD, asserting that it regressed Bihar significantly. He credited the NDA government for restoring law and order and reducing naxalism in the state.

PM Modi highlighted the reduction in the cost of LED bulbs during his tenure compared to the Congress regime. He introduced schemes like the PM Suryaghar Free Electricity Scheme, aiming to alleviate electricity expenses for households by providing subsidies for solar panel installations.

Previously, Congress' Mani Shankar Aiyar had sparked controversy with his remarks on Pakistan's nuclear capabilities, while Telangana Chief Minister Revnath Reddy questioned the Pulwama terror attack and retaliatory airstrikes.

The ongoing Lok Sabha polls in Bihar, covering 40 seats in seven phases, witnessed BJP-led NDA's dominance in the 2019 elections, winning 39 out of 40 seats. The opposition Mahagathbandhan, comprising RJD, Congress, and Left parties, announced RJD's candidacy for 26 seats, while BJP and JD(U) are contesting on 17 and 16 seats, respectively.

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