PM Modi inaugurated 'Bharat Tax 2024', said- 'Today's program is very special in itself...'
PM Modi inaugurated 'Bharat Tax 2024', said- 'Today's program is very special in itself...'

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi inaugurated 'Bharat Tax 2024' organized today i.e. on 26 February at Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi. Let us tell you that this is one of the biggest celebrations at the global level related to the textile sector. 'Bharat Tex 2024' is being organized from 26-29 February, 2024. Taking inspiration from PM's 5F vision, the program has an integrated focus from farm to abroad through fibre, fabric and fashion. Which covers the entire textile value chain. 

Due to this, Prime Minister Modi said that 'Today's event is very special in itself, especially because it is being organized simultaneously in India's two largest exhibition centres, Bharat Mandapam and Yasho Bhoomi…' He further said that 'Today This event is not just a textile expo. Many things are connected to one thread of this event. This formula of Bharat Tex is connecting the glorious history of India with today's talent. This formula of Bharat Tex is weaving technology with culture. This formula of Bharat Tex is a formula of bringing together style, sustainability, scale and skill. 

Prime Minister Modi further said that out of every 10 garment makers, 7 are women and in handloom it is even more. Apart from textile, Khadi has also given new strength to the women of our India. I can say that whatever efforts we have made in the last 10 years have made Khadi a means of both development and employment.

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