PM Modi to inaugurate second CNCI campus in Kolkata on Friday

New Delhi: On Friday,  January 7,  Prime Minister Narendra Modi will virtually inaugurate the Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute's (CNCI) second site in Kolkata. The second campus of CNCI was created in keeping with the Prime Minister's goal to develop and enhance health facilities in all corners of the country, according to a news statement issued by the Prime Minister's Office on Thursday.

"CNCI was dealing with a high volume of cancer patients and had been feeling the need for expansion for some time. This need will be met by the second campus "According to the press release

Further commenting on the project, the announcement stated that the CNCI's second campus was built at a cost of about Rs 530 crore, with the Union government contributing around Rs 400 crore and the West Bengal government contributing the remaining 75:25.

"The facility houses a 460-bed comprehensive cancer centre with cutting-edge cancer detection, staging, treatment, and care infrastructure. Nuclear Medicine (PET), 3.0 Tesla MRI, 128 slice CT scanner, Radionuclide therapy unit, endoscopic suite, sophisticated brachytherapy equipment, and other modern facilities are available on campus "According to the press release

"The campus will also serve as an advanced cancer research institution and will provide comprehensive care to cancer patients, particularly those from the country's eastern and north-eastern regions," according to the press statement.

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