PM Modi urges Mfg to be defect-free, no negative impact on environment
PM Modi urges Mfg to be defect-free, no negative impact on environment

New Delhi: In the midst of a global supply crisis, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated on Thursday that manufacturers have endless potential, emphasising the need of zero defect and zero environmental impact manufacturing. PMModi said, the world now sees India as a manufacturing superpower. India is now regarded as a global manufacturing powerhouse. Despite the fact that our manufacturing sector accounts for over 15% of our GDP, Make In India has a lot to offer.

The webinar was attended by Piyush Goyal, the Union Minister of Commerce and Industry.

The entire supply chain was damaged during the COVID-19 epidemic, causing a global economy to be rattled, he said, making Make In India far more relevant and crucial.

The Prime Minister urged people to focus on the government's Make in India project, saying that it provides limitless prospects. He stated that our country has a wealth of manpower and knowledge that will tremendously aid us in accomplishing our goals.

In a fast-paced environment, we must emphasise Zero Defect, Zero Effect, because quality is important, but so are environmentally responsible products. We'll focus on both exports and India's requirements. In today's competitive world, quality important, thus our products should be free of flaws. Our products should have no negative impact on the environment, PM remarked.

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