PM Modi Visits Kaziranga National Park Today
PM Modi Visits Kaziranga National Park Today

Prime Minister Narendra Modi embarked on a nature-filled adventure during his visit to Assam's renowned Kaziranga National Park. Taking in the sights and sounds of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Modi opted for both elephant and jeep safaris to explore the park's lush landscapes.

Accompanied by park director Sonali Ghosh and other senior forest officials, Modi began his exploration with an exhilarating elephant safari in the Mihimukh area of the Central Kohora Range. Following this immersive experience, he continued his journey with a jeep safari within the same range, undoubtedly marveling at the park's rich biodiversity.

But Modi's visit wasn't just about experiencing the wonders of nature. He also seized the opportunity to inaugurate the towering 125-foot 'Statue of Valour' and laid the foundation stones for various projects amounting to Rs 18,000 crore. Additionally, he addressed a public gathering, making his presence felt during his two-day stay in the state.

The prime minister's visit to Kaziranga, his first ever, was marked by a blend of adventure, admiration for nature, and a commitment to development. As he immersed himself in the beauty of Assam's wilderness, Modi's presence served as a testament to the significance of preserving and celebrating India's natural heritage.

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