PM Modi’s Primary School PRERNA to become 'Inspirational Centre'

New Delhi:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s elementary school in his hometown in Mehsana’s Vadnagar in Gujarat will be developed as a model school termed PRERNA and will host two students from each district in India as part of a week-long study tour.

Two children from each district across the country will be sent from each district throughout the course of the upcoming year to the primary school in Vadnagar, Mehsana district of Gujarat, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi had his early education, to attend inspirational classes.  

The Prerna: Prime Minister Narendra Modi's first school, PRERNA, holds a special place in his journey. Located in Vadnagar, a town in the Mehsana district of Gujarat, PRERNA played a significant role in shaping Modi's formative years. The school, with its modest infrastructure, holds sentimental value for the Prime Minister as it represents his humble beginnings and the start of his educational journey.

Vadnagar, the hometown of Narendra Modi, is a small and historically significant town in Gujarat. It is believed to have been established during the reign of the Solanki dynasty and has witnessed the influence of various rulers and cultures over the centuries. The town boasts several ancient temples and monuments that showcase its rich heritage.
The Vernacular School will be built as an inspirational school for the pupils,  which also revealed the specifics of the week-long study excursion. Students will receive instruction on "how to live a very evolved life" as part of the programme. 

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has rebuilt PM Modi's school, which was constructed in 1888 and used to be operational till 2018. The massive reconstruction plan for Vadnagar includes the rebuilding of the school. 

Each batch will consist of 30 students, who will get residential training for a week, according the program's specifications. The Union Ministry of Culture will pay for lodging and transportation. The "Ek Bharat, Shrestha Bharat" philosophy will serve as the foundation for the training. 

There are 750 districts in India, and two kids will be sent from each district. In the course of the entire year, we will teach 1,500 kids how to have incredibly advanced lives.The senior official continued, "We want to release the first batch right now. 

Great leaders around the world have recognised their first school as a spark in their inspirational journeys to bring about change, according to the project's concept note. Prerna, a groundbreaking school renovation project, is being carried out in accordance with the Prime Minister's aim to encourage the young people of the nation to become changemakers. It is intended to be a school of the future that emphasises education and values while utilising a range of methodologies and technologies. 

Although it hasn't been decided yet, a ministry official stated that students in Classes 9 and 10 will make up the majority of the group going on the educational excursion. The pupils' "intellectual level, creativity, and extracurricular performance will be put to test" during the selection process, according to the officials, which will begin soon.   It is not instruction. The training will expose participants to "virtues of life like courage and compassion through the lives and teachings of real-life heroes," a senior official said. 

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