'Today's youth wants freedom,' PM Modi's on new Education Policy

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi said that in the last year, hard work has been done to bring the National Education Policy on the ground during the crisis of the Corona epidemic. Actually, PM Modi is addressing the program on the completion of one year of the National Education Policy. PM Modi said in his address that, 'How far we will go in the future, how much height we will achieve, it will depend on what direction we are giving to our youth at present i.e. today. I believe that the new national education policy of India is one of the big factors in the great sacrifice of nation-building. He said that today's youth of the 21st century wants to make their own systems, their own world. Therefore, he needs exposure, he needs freedom from old shackles, cages. The new 'National Education Policy' assures the youth that the country is now completely with them, with their spirits. The Artificial Intelligence program which has just been launched will also make our youth future-oriented, opening the way for AI-driven economy.' 

PM Modi said that we- you have seen this environment for decades when it was understood that to study well, one has to go abroad. But for good studies students from abroad come to India, best institutions come to India, we are going to see this now. Let us inform that along with PM Modi, Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan is also present in the program organized on New Education Policy 2020 (NEP). The New Education Policy (NEP) was implemented a year ago on this day itself. Earlier, the 34-year-old education policy was amended. Dharmendra Pradhan while addressing this program said that India will become an international power under this education policy. Under the new education policy, a target of investment equal to 6 percent of the country's GDP has been set on the education sector in collaboration with the central and state governments. Under NEP itself 'The Ministry of Human Resource Development' has been renamed as 'Ministry of Education' The green signal has also been given to do so. Many amendments have been proposed in the new National Education Policy from school education to higher education, the main objective of which is the complete development of children and making them strong at the world level.

Many major amendments have been made in the new education policy from school education to higher education. For the first time, multiple entries and exit system has been implemented. This will be of great benefit to those students, whose studies are left out in the middle due to some reason. When Dharmendra Pradhan took over as the Education Minister, he had said that his focus would be on achieving the objectives of the National Education Policy in a time-bound manner. The Education Ministry has written a letter to all the states asking them to be present in the program even after PM Modi's address as webinars are also to be held on three different subjects.

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