New education policy is foundation of 'New India'- PM Modi
New education policy is foundation of 'New India'- PM Modi

New Delhi: PM Modi is giving information about the new education policy of the country today. PM Modi said that "Every country connects its education system with its national values, reforms according to its national goals. The aim is that the education system of the country should keep its current and future generations Future Ready". PM Modi said that "This is also the basis of India's national education policy. The National Education Policy is about to set the foundation of 21st century India, the new India".

PM Modi addressed countrymen and said "There were no major changes in our education system over the years. As a result, instead of promoting the values of Curiosity and Imagination in our society, Mob Mentality was being promoted and inculcated in young minds. How can our students develop critical and Innovative ability, unless our education is not Passion, Philosophy and unless there is no Purpose of Education?

PM Modi said "India's education system must change, it was very important to do this. Going beyond the 10 + 2 structure of the School Curriculum, now giving the structure of 5 + 3 + 3 + 4 curriculum is a step in this direction. From the root to the Jug, from Human Being to humanity, from Past to Modernity, the nature of this national education policy has been set, incorporating all the points".

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