PM Modi says Corona taught as to be self-sufficient
PM Modi says Corona taught as to be self-sufficient

New Delhi: Amidst the corona epidemic and lockdown, PM Narendra Modi on Friday launched the e-Gram Swaraj portal-mobile app and proprietary scheme. During this, PM Modi said that the corona virus has taught us the biggest lesson. We have to be self-sufficient. Villages also have to become self-sufficient at their level.

PM Narendra Modi said on Friday that, 'Corona has changed the way we all work. Earlier we used to do any program face to face, but today the same program has to be done through video conferencing. The Corona epidemic has caused many problems for us, which we never imagined. PM Modi said that, 'This disaster has also given us new education and message. The biggest lesson that the Corona epidemic has taught us is that now we have to become self-sufficient. It is difficult to deal with such crises without becoming self-sufficient. The village should become self-sufficient for its basic needs, the district at its own level, the state at its own level.

Addressing the country, PM Modi said that, 'how the whole country should become self-sufficient, now it has become very important. A period 5-6 years ago was also when less than one hundred panchayats of the country were connected with broadband. Broadband has now reached more than 1.25 lakh panchayats. Not only this, the number of common service centers in villages is also crossing three lakhs.

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