Some people are shocked on hearing 'om' or cow: PM Modi attacks opponents

Sep 11 2019 04:10 PM
Some people are shocked on hearing 'om' or cow: PM Modi attacks opponents

Mathura: Opposition parties have often accused BJP of doing politics in the name of the cow. Today, in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, many schemes related to animal health have been inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and he has taken a strong stand against his opponents. It has been said by PM Modi that there are some people in the country who, if they hear the name of the cow, their hair grows.

Actually, the thing is that when PM Modi was addressed after the launch of the projects, he narrated an anecdote of Rwanda during this time. He said that I went to Rwanda last year, there was a storm in the country on the news coming from there. Some people used to say that Modi came there by giving 250 cows as gifts. Regarding this, the PM has said that a scheme is going on in Rwanda, the government of there gives cow form to the people in the village. If there is a calf, the government withdraws and provides it to other farmers.

The PM further said on this, '"Some people are shocked to hear Om and gau (cow). They imagine that the country is back in the 16th Century. Such a thought has ruined the country. These people don't understand what cattle-rearing means and how it contributes to the economy," PM Modi said.

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