Symptoms of pneumonia, 5 effective home remedies to cure it

Pneumonia is a common lung infection caused by bacteria or viruses. This disease is common, but never make the mistake of taking it lightly. Pneumonia kills many people every year. Especially in this period of corona infection, where this infection directly attacks the lungs. Corona also caused pneumonia in many people, making their recovery difficult. Like corona and flu, pneumonia is an infectious disease that spreads through coughing, sneezing, touching and even breathing. There are many people who do not clearly show any symptoms of pneumonia, but they can also spread the disease.

Symptoms of pneumonia:-

-Difficulty breathing
-Chest pain
-Muscle pain
-To feel giddy

Pneumonia is a deadly disease:-

Pneumonia is a serious disease, but if it is treated in time, anyone can recover. It can be treated at home using antibiotics, but in many serious cases, there is a need to be admitted to the hospital as well. You can also reduce the risk of pneumonia by adopting a good lifestyle to prevent pneumonia. Today, on World Pneumonia Day, we are telling you some home remedies to cure pneumonia.

Some home remedies to cure pneumonia:-

* Drink hot soup
* Drink ginger or turmeric tea
* Honey is also beneficial
* Peppermint tea
* Drink coffee

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