To visit this starge city you need to enter another country

Feb 14 2020 05:51 PM
To visit this starge city you need to enter another country

Point Roberts, you may not have heard this name, but the people of America know about this city very well. It is famous worldwide as a city which is not in its own country. That is, this city is of America, but it is not in America. It is completely sliced from America. People of America have to cross the international border to go here.

Point Roberts is called the Payne-Exclave of America. Actually, Payne-exclave is that part of a country, so it can be reached only by passing through another country. Except for a few people arriving by private plane or boat, people of America also have to come through Canada to come here. Point Roberts is like a rural area. According to the 2010 census, about 1300 people live here. There is a rumor about this area that America has settled people who testify against criminals here. It is said that there are many people here who have been settled in Point Roberts by giving a new identity. You can use a boat to plane and even a car to visit Point Roberts. However, people coming here by car from America have to cross the international border twice. First time to enter Canada and second time to come to Point Roberts from Canada.

Many rules have been made for the people here, which seems absurd. For example, the residents here are not allowed to bring whole tomatoes, but they can bring chopped tomatoes. However, it is said that this rule has been made to protect American farms from insects and diseases. Apart from this, there are many rules regarding sheep and dogs.

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