Police officer raped 12 women 48 times, used to call victim women 'slaves'
Police officer raped 12 women 48 times, used to call victim women 'slaves'

In a shocking incident, a police officer has been arrested in the UK after pleading guilty to charges of raping and sexually exploiting a dozen women. He has committed at least 71 sexual offenses, including rape. This 48-year-old officer became their boyfriend and trapped 12 women. He has been charged with several charges, including 48 rapes. The incident took place in Britain. The culprit has been identified as David Carrick.

He continued to commit one crime after another for nearly 20 years, but still, he was not caught. According to a report, David used to rape women, beat them with belts, lock them in wardrobes, make them naked, urinate on them and tell them when they could eat and when they could not. David, who crossed all limits of inhumanity, used to find women on dating sites. Then he used to win their trust by calling himself a policeman. Surprisingly, David was first in the army and then joined the police. He has also been posted in the parliament of the country.

David Carrick pleaded guilty to raping 12 women 48 times and committing other crimes. He committed these crimes between 2003 and 2020. He used to call the victims women 'slaves'. He kept them imprisoned for ten hours on shelves under the stairs without giving them food. David also called women 'lazy and fat'. He would take advantage of them by making them financially dependent on himself. The victim used to distance women from their friends and family. He came under the police's scanner nine times due to allegations of domestic violence and rape, but no action was taken against him. However, this time he was caught. David will now face a two-day trial, starting January 6.    

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