3 couples caught in objectionable condition in hotel, police did this
3 couples caught in objectionable condition in hotel, police did this

The cases of crime coming these days are surprising for everyone.  A case of crime has come to light recently from Bareilly. In this case, three couples were caught in an objectionable position in a hotel near the city station, and meanwhile, a couple was duped by the police and was taken from the hotel. At the same time, when the police checked the entry book of the guest house, it was found that the hotel manager gave room to the couples without taking an ID and without entering the log book.

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At the same time, in this case, the police called the parents of minor couples on the spot and instructed them to leave. According to reports, a student in the B.Com department of Bareilly College was caught by the college staff along with another student in an objectionable condition, she was released on instructions to apologize.

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Although this is not the first case, many such cases have come before it and the cases which are coming now are shocking. In today's time, the crimes are increasing and due to the news of such crime, danger is increasing for people everywhere.

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