Political Flare-Up: Nityanand Rai Slams Lalu Prasad's Criticism of PM Modi
Political Flare-Up: Nityanand Rai Slams Lalu Prasad's Criticism of PM Modi

Patna: Home Affairs Minister Nityanand Rai strongly criticized Lalu Prasad Yadav's remarks regarding PM Modi's contribution to the Uttarkashi rescue, labeling them as "ridiculous." Rai, in a scathing attack, mentioned that Lalu Yadav has not achieved anything significant, emphasizing the collaborative efforts of disaster management institutes and the morale-boosting messages from the PM as crucial factors in the successful rescue. Rai highlighted India's innovative disaster management methods, attributing success to PM Modi's 10-point agenda.

RJD president Lalu Prasad had criticized the BJP for crediting Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the rescue of 41 workers from a collapsed tunnel in Uttarakhand. Lalu Prasad questioned PM Modi's deserving credit, citing the extended duration of the rescue and the involvement of people from across the country and abroad.

Amidst the successful evacuation of all 41 trapped workers from Uttarakhand's Silkyari tunnel on Tuesday evening, the Congress party stirred controversy by mocking the Prime Minister's involvement. Congress's official handle posted an animated picture showing PM Modi with a green flag in front of the Silkyara tunnel, accompanied by a caption that sarcastically suggested installing cameras for a glimpse of Saheb.

In response to Congress's attempt to gain political benefits, BJP national general secretary Dushyant Kumar Gautam criticized the party for choosing mockery over genuine concern for the lives at stake. He expressed disappointment that, instead of offering prayers and support, Congress resorted to insults, while the entire country united in praying for the 41 lives.

The tunnel collapse incident occurred on November 12, with a section collapsing between 205 and 260 meters from the Silkyara side. Workers beyond the 260-meter mark were trapped, and their exit was blocked, leading to the rescue operation.

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