Prajyot Poll - Creating a revenue of $72k with just $25k with his exceptionally talented mind.
Prajyot Poll - Creating a revenue of $72k with just $25k with his exceptionally talented mind.

As the CEO of 'Absolute Outsourcing', he has gone a step ahead and conquered the entrepreneurial space outstandingly well.

Some individuals are born to rule the world with their extreme talent which makes them conquer territories that are beyond their reach. Out of the many such talented individuals we have seen is one name which shines bright amongst all. He is Prajyot Poll, who comes from a modest background and has today reached towering heights of success in his field of work. Though he didn't come from an affluent background, he strived hard to get a degree in LLB, which was not of much use when he realized that he needed to find himself a job to sustain himself. In his quest to search for a job, he came across a freelance website which unfortunately had jobs only for agencies and not individuals. "I was desperate for the job and in a bid to get myself in, I created an agency profile with a logo and applied, but unfortunately got rejected, that's when the idea of establishing a company of my own germinated in my mind, and instead of searching for jobs, I formed Absolute Outsourcing."

With the inception of his firm, an entrepreneur was born who made sure his company grew and performed well in its line of work. The mission of Absolute Outsourcing is to help people and businesses find and connect with the best freelancers who fit in their job profiles. Since 2012, the Chandigarh-based company has been doing wonders not only in the field of outsourcing services but also provide exceptional Paralegal service and Digital marketing services, which also come in their area of work. He has also been a part of the esteemed Miss India contest through his company. Apart from managing his company, Prajyot is also an inspiring motivational speaker who counsels young minds who want to monetize their passion and make a mark in their careers.

Today, Absolute Outsourcing has established its presence in more than 5 countries like the USA, UK, Philippines, Hong Kong, and Japan, and is ranked 6th in Asia in terms of Outsourcing Services and Digital Marketing. Prajyot says that he wants to expand his company's reach by creating enormous opportunities for businesses as well as freelancers and connect both well to form a lifelong alliance.

To know more, connect with Prajyot on Instagram: @prajyotpoll.

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