Offer these 'easy to make' desserts to Krishna on Janmashtami
Offer these 'easy to make' desserts to Krishna on Janmashtami

Makhan Mishri is most loved by Lord Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna is fond of Makhan Mishri. On the day of Shri Krishna Janmashtami, its importance increases even more. But along with this, there are other such things by which you can please God. 

Makhan Mishri

To make Shri Krishna's famous Bhog Makhan Mishri, you have to put curd in the pot and then churn it well. Now put the curd in the blender. After blinding, the curd will turn into butter. Take it out in a pot. Also, add Mishri and pistachio, almonds to it. 

Makhana Pak

Krishna loves Makhana Pak. To make this, you have to first fry the Makhanas well in Desi Ghee. Now make the sugar syrup and then after that mix the Makhane in this syrup. Make the syrup thick, so that Makhana can completely absorb the syrup.


Panchamrit is very easy to make. You will not have to work hard on this. For this, you have to take fresh curd in a vessel and whisk it well. After this process, add milk, honey, Ganga-Jal and Tulsi in it. If you want to increase it, you can also add Garri, Chironji, Raisins, Makhana. Add a little ghee to it at last. 

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