Pratik Sehajpal denies to take part in the task, 4th September, Khatron Ke Khiladi 12
Pratik Sehajpal denies to take part in the task, 4th September, Khatron Ke Khiladi 12

Except for Jannat, Nishant, and Tushar, the rest of the cast will carry out the upcoming stunt in today's episode. They will be led across the lake while being held by ropes, and when they spot the red ball, they must dive into the water. Then, to reach the land, locate the detonators, and join them, they must board the rover and paddle it themselves. Whoever completes this and activates the blast wins the round. Pratik admits he can't complete the task and gives up. This round is won by Mohit. Pratik is taunted by Rohit, who also asks him why he didn't even try.

Then, a car with gold inside is partially submerged in water. Whoever collects the most gold wins. Rajiv attacks the task with vigour. Pratik doesn't even attempt to get into the water; Rubina and Kanika take their time. The job is won by Rajiv. Three people, Rubina, Kanika, and Pratik, compete in the elimination task. Nishant expresses his opinion that Pratik deserves to remain. Kanika and the others are instructed by Mohit to use Rubina's name. Nishant is urged by Rohit not to show favouritism. They must climb onto hanging cars to collect the flags for the elimination task. Finally, dive into the water while carrying the final flag. This round is won by Rubina.

Kanika is afraid of jumping, but Pratik says he won't be able to do it, so he doesn't want to participate in the task. He apologises to Rohit and leaves despite their insistence that he try. Everyone is startled. Rohit calls Faisu and says he has a surprise for her. Everyone is content. Sriti and Rohit will compete to see who gets to stay on the show, says Rohit. He claims that he believed they merited a second chance. Sriti announces that Faisu has won the task and expresses her happiness at having been given a second chance.

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