Pratiksha Rai: TV soap actors have no personal life because of their 12-hour shifts

Pratiksha Rai has previously played significant roles in the films "Udann" and "Pavitra Bhagya," but she is now portrayed as the antagonist in "Nath - Zewar Ya Zanjeer."

She discusses how demanding television soap operas are, the reaction the audience has been giving her, and how different she is from the antagonistic character she plays.

Pratiksha noted that aiming for a daily soap can be difficult. An actor who works long hours hardly ever has time for personal errands.

You are unable to devote enough time to your personal life. I recently shot for a heavy-duty track, which prevented me from having time for a workout or even a phone call to my parents. You don't get holidays or time to groom yourself when you work for a daily soap, and you often shoot for more than 12 hours each day. However, you also receive a lot in return, most notably respect. Therefore, it is challenging and one must learn to balance work and personal life, Pratiksha said.

She discussed her persona and the reaction of the audience: "I receive both positive and negative feedback. People claim that I am a horrible person because I harmed the lead couple's kids (Chahat Pandey and Avinash Mishra). I would like to reassure them that I am not like Kaajal. I adore children."

Added her: "I'm happy that the character and my acting are taken seriously by the public. However, I still have a ways to go. I'm honored that people associate me with my on-screen persona and ponder whether I am similar to the persona in real life. I'm appreciative of the chance "Adds she.

So, does she resemble her persona in any way? Pratiksha comments: "Everybody is capable of evil. I'm not as envious as Kaajal. Because of the lessons my father instilled in me to never compete with others, I never experience jealousy. Kaajal is willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish her goals. I can never be mean, but I can understand her junoon (craziness) in achieving her objectives."

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