Every couple dreams to have this kind of 'pre-wedding photoshoot' !

Pre-wedding photo shoots are very exciting, no matter you both are arranged couples or loved ones, both the situations are spicy. Post-engagement is the time to enjoy with your fiance, plan your honeymoon together, making promises and many more. 

If, you both are lovers then your love and romance will beautify the shoot and if you are arranged couples then your nervousness, and mild love will beautify your photo shoot. Well, why to get nervous, this is the time, which you can enjoy to the full extent, know each other and have a fun with each other. After all, you will dedicate your whole life for each other.

Arrange marriage lovers don't have much to share with their children except for how their parents planned their marriage. You can have this moment as a great chance, to knit your story. 

Have a look at the some of the 'romantic pictures' of pre- wedding photo shoot on the above slides.

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