President Roch Marc Kabore Re-elected In Burkina Faso, West Africa
President Roch Marc Kabore Re-elected In Burkina Faso, West Africa

OUAGADOUGOU: President Roch Marc Christian Kabore secured the victory to serve another five years as Burkina Faso. He is elected as the president, according to provisional results announced by the National Independent Electoral Commission on November 26.

Christian gained nearly 58% of the vote, defeating his 12 opponents and claiming victory in the first round. He received 1.6 million votes of approximately 3 million cast, with voter turnout at 50%, said Newton Ahmed Barry, the commission's president. The opponent had hoped to split the vote and deny Kabore of the 51% needed for an outright victory and then form an alliance behind the strongest for round two. The declaration took four days after Sunday's election. Addressing the nation after results were declared, an upbeat Kabore praised the democratic process and congratulated his opponents. He said ``It's a significant responsibility to be the president of all Burkinabe, without exception.'' The elections were held between violence linked to al-Qaida and the Islamic State group. While there were no reports of major attacks on election day, threats of violence prevented people from casting ballots in hard-hit parts of the country. Many communities that were unable to vote already marginalized and civil society organizations say the president will need to work harder in his second term to unite an increasingly divided country.

Citizens in violence-ridden regions said that the government has to improve security so it can focus on development. As Kabore's supporters were celebrating, the opposition supporters said they'll accept the results but expect the opposition to hold the ruling party accountable.

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