Presidents of Ukraine, Moldova discuss EU integration

KIEV:  Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his visiting Moldovan counterpart Maia Sandu talked over bilateral ties and the two countries' integration into the European Union.

Zelensky said that Ukraine and Moldova have every opportunity to strengthen their relationship in the areas of humanitarianism, the economy, politics, and cross-border cooperation at a news conference following the discussions on Monday, as oper reports.

The partnership in the transport sector, particularly Ukraine's aid in the renovation of the Moldovan railway, as well as enhancing energy cooperation were other topics of discussion between the two parties.  Zelensky also asked Sandu to deepen Moldova's and Ukraine's security cooperation.

For Ukraine and Moldova, becoming candidates for European Union membership is a historic development. She said,  her nation is prepared to help Ukraine with post-conflict rehabilitation and transiting goods. For her first trip to Ukraine since the beginning of the war, Sandu arrived in Kiev earlier in the day.

Shortly after the conflict began, Ukraine submitted an application for EU membership. Last week, Ukraine and Moldova both received approval to become candidates for EU membership.

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