This is how PM Modi keeps himself fit and stress free
This is how PM Modi keeps himself fit and stress free

New Delhi:  PM Narendra Modi has done a lot for the country. But do you know how he handles things and troubles amidst the chaos and work pressure? PM Modi is also known for his sharp mind and clear thinking as well as his calm nature and the art of staying relaxed. But do you know how a person holding the position of Prime Minister of a country like India remains so stress-free? Let us tell you how the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, keeps himself stress-free amid such hustle-bustle.

Adopt a healthy routine: The main reason behind Prime Minister Narendra Modi's stress-free and healthy life is his routine. Despite being very busy with his work, he never fails to include exercise and yoga in his routine. He starts his day with exercise and yoga. He wakes up before 5 in the morning.

Energy comes from Surya Namaskar: PM Modi does yoga for about one hour daily to keep himself stress-free and agile throughout the day. His favourite yoga is Surya Namaskar. According to PM Modi, it keeps him energetic throughout the day.

Light and Vegetarian food: PM Modi is very cautious about his diet along with exercise and yoga. He always eats light and vegetarian food. He likes to eat Poha or idli for breakfast.

Alcohol-free life: PM Modi does not consume any intoxicants like alcohol and tobacco and some people who know him closely have even claimed that he does not consume betel nut.

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