Priyanka Gandhi issues manifesto, promises from jobs to free electricity

Dehradun: In view of assembly elections 2022, almost all parties have fielded their candidates in Uttarakhand. In such a situation, in view of the elections, the Congress party has reached the state on national general secretary Priyanka Gandhi's visit. Due to this, he released the party's manifesto in Dehradun through a virtual rally and promised that if the Congress government is formed in the state, up to 200 units of electricity will be free of cost. The Congress, in its manifesto for Uttarakhand, has promised to give Rs 40,000 annually to 5 lakh families. Along with this, the Congress has also promised to provide employment to 4 lakh youth.

While releasing the Manifesto of the Congress in Uttarakhand, Priyanka Gandhi said that the Bharatiya Janata Party has cheated you. The Bjp has done nothing for you. He said the PM had done the job of selecting airplanes and not food donors. Even today, rs 14,000 crore of cane payment is pending to the annadatas. Due to this, he attacked the BJP government, saying that it is not in our hands to stop inflation, but it is in our hands to give relief. Nothing changed in Uttarakhand in 5 years, only bjp changed 3 CMs in the state.

At the same time , Priyanka Gandhi attacked the Bharatiya Janata Party, saying that they promised a double-engine government, but petrol and diesel are so expensive that their engine has stopped. Due to this, he said that political parties never talk about women. Today, a woman is tortured every 5 minutes in the state. In such a situation, most unemployment is in women. The leaders come here and talk about religion, not caste, not employment. Because jobs are not given, the posts are lying vacant.

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