Producer Satyanarayana says Khiladi has a Bollywood standard content
Producer Satyanarayana says Khiladi has a Bollywood standard content

'Khiladi,' starring Ravi Teja, is due to hit theatres on February 11th. The title has a tag that states 'Play Smart,' which alludes to the intriguing plot. 

Satyanarayana Koneru, who spoke with the media earlier on Monday, expressed his confidence in the film's success.As the producer discussed different aspects of the film, he expressed his delight at the film's pan-India release. "Although it is a typical commercial picture, it features a concept-driven narrative, making it an ideal Bollywood film. In Italy, we shot a couple sequences that are of Hollywood quality.

"I believe the production values would be outstanding," Satyanarayana said.  "We collaborated with Pen Studios to bring this narrative to a pan-India audience. "The film will be released in both Telugu and Hindi," Satyanarayana said. "We were suspicious about the release," he stated when asked about the Hindi release of 'Khiladi.' I was wondering if the movie would ever be completed because we had pending work. However, after seeing the production, the content gave me a lot of confidence to go through with the pan-India release."

Satyanarayana Koneru, who is looking forward to the film's release, thinks it will be a smash hit in both languages. "As far as I'm aware, there won't be any rivalry for the Hindi version of the film, as there won't be a large release any time soon." This scenario will give 'Khiladi' an edge."

The female leads of this upcoming commercial entertainment are Dimple Hayati and Meenakshi Chaudhary, which is co-produced by Bollywood production house Pen Studios and A Studios.

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