Punjab government allows traveling with family in a car

Jun 30 2020 02:45 PM
Punjab government allows traveling with family in a car

In the midst of the Coronavirus crisis, with the permission of the Punjab government to board the entire bus in public buses, it has also been allowed to travel with the whole family in a private car. The condition of this relaxation is that only one family member will be able to sit in the car. Relatives and family friends will not be allowed to travel in the same car.

Apart from this, according to the guidelines issued by MHA (Union Home Ministry), only one person with the driver in the car or two people with the driver was allowed to travel while traveling on the long route. Under this rule, no one was allowed to sit on the seat next to the driver.

For your information, let us tell you that Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh gave permission to fill the entire seats in buses in the state due to the refusal of bus operators to run buses with 50 per cent riders due to rising petrol-diesel prices last day. was. The condition with this exemption was that all passengers would travel only wearing masks. The same, in addition to public buses on behalf of the Chief Minister, the conditions of travel in private car-jeeps have also been relaxed. However, it is mandatory for all the family members traveling in a car-jeep to wear a mask. The biggest relief for any family from this relaxation is that they will be able to travel using the full capacity of the seats in the car-jeep.

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