PVR partners with Samsung, now watch the movies in the enhanced quality
PVR partners with Samsung, now watch the movies in the enhanced quality

Samsung and film exhibition company PVR have completely changed the look of the film in theatres. Samsung and PVR have shared the Onyx (Onyx) LED screen with a new partnership. Now you will see a movie on the LED screen but not the screen of the cinema hall and with this, the 120-year-old projector history will be removed.

You will see the real colours on the LED screen. Also, the picture quality of the film will be fantastic and will have an enhanced quality. Onyx Cinema is being started with the PVR theatre located in Basantanku, Delhi and will be gradually started in all PVR cinemas. With the onset of this projector will become outdated with the upcoming LED screen. 

During the launch of the Onyx LED screen, Bollywood actor Rajkumar and actress Shraddha Kapoor were also present. Bharat will be the first to release movies on the LED screen in India. The film is being released on August 31. 

Talking about Onyx Screen Features, its contrast ratio and brightness level will be the best. Its brightness level will be 10 times higher than the projector screen. Onyx LED screen is available in India in width of 5, 10 and 14 meters.

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