Qari Mahmudul Hasan - The World Is Trembling With The Recitation Of The Holy Quran And Its Magical Melody

Qari Mahmudul Hasan is A Vocalist  Allah Ta'ala has given a lot of dignity to the Holy Quran. Those who are the bearers of this book are also given dignity. Bangladeshi Hafez of the Holy Quran have a special reputation all over the world. Hafez is elevating and honoring the map and flag of Bangladesh in the world. After defeating the Hafez of more than a hundred countries, when one of the Hafez of this country won the award, the chest of pride became a little wider. It feels good. There is no doubt that these Hafez are also the national assets of our country.

Here I am talking about a Hafez Quran who is a good Hafez and Qari. He is building innumerable Hafez of international standard. He won a gold medal in 2009 for reciting the Holy Quran from the Islamic Foundation and Bangladesh Shishu Academy. In addition, the entire 30-para recitation of the Holy Quran in his voice has been published on the YouTube channel. He has been reciting the Holy Quran on Bangladesh Betar every Ramadan for 11 months.

The name of this talented person is Hafez Qari Mahmudul Hasan. He is the son of Hafez Qari Mohammad Sharif Uddin of Rajshahi city. Hafez Qari Mahmudul Hasan Noorani has completed everything from Qaeda to memorization of the Holy Quran to his father. Mahmudul Hasan is the eldest of three brothers and four sisters in the family.

Qari Mahmudul Hasan completed Hadith (Masters) in 2012 from Jamiatus Sahaba Madrasa in Uttara. Tahsin International Hifz Madrasa was established by Nazmul Hasan and Mahmudul Hasan. He is working as the examination controller and trainer of Bangladesh Hifz Madrasa Board of Education. He was also invited to state events in Qatar and Oman in 2016, Saudi Arabia in 2016 and Bangalore in 2019.

Hafez Qari Mahmudul Hasan said, "I want to serve the Holy Quran till the last day of my life." He said Bangladeshi Hafez won the award by defeating the meritorious Hafez of more than a hundred countries. This is the reputation of Bangladesh. The importance and respect of this country increases with other countries. He will continue his lifelong efforts to continue this trend. In this case, if the government and the rich people of the society come forward with the attitude of cooperation, this work can be accelerated. 

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