Quarantine skincare : Internet Personality chahna soni shares how her routine has changed during quarantine
Quarantine skincare : Internet Personality chahna soni shares how her routine has changed during quarantine

Quarantine has changed our lives and our schedules. With more time at home and less time outdoors, some of us have used the extra hours to update our skincare routines. Beauty bloggers in particular have used the time to sample new products and update their regimens. We asked Chahna Soni how quarantine has affected her and what new things she learned about skincare in the process.

What’s your go-to skincare routine?

Chahna Soni : My go-to skincare routine is super simple and straight to the point these days. Sometimes I adjust it based on how my skin is doing or what I feel like using. I like to keep things pretty simple, it might not make for great blogging, but it’s fine. In the morning, it’s cleanser, serum, and moisturizer with SPF. At night, it’s double cleanse, toner, Vitamin-C serum, eye cream, retinol, and facial oil. I use red wine face as a toner and sometimes yogurt as cleanser.  I advise everyone that pat, not wipe, your face with a washcloth. It does make a lot difference. No matter how much you skimp on your skin care routine, you should always wash your face at least once a day. 

Has your skin changed since quarantine started?

Chahna Soni : At the start of quarantine I had a pretty bad breakout all over my face even though I don’t have acne-prone skin, so I attribute it to stress. As time went on my skin improved dramatically because I have more time to wash my face throughout the day if I need to. I’ve found my skincare routine to be really relaxing and therapeutic. It helps ease some stress. 

What’s been your quarantine skincare routine? What are you doing differently compared to your regular routine? What would you suggest people about skincare in pandemic? 

Chahna Soni : Right now many people are at home, which means they’re not wearing makeup. Because you’re not doing your normal routine, use the extra time to incorporate all of the things you never really did into your skin care regimen. Like masks, for example. If you're looking for something anti-aging, try a mask with glycolic acid or alpha-hydroxy acids to help diminish fine lines, or enzymes to help digest dead skin cells. If you're feeling out of sorts, set your alarm, get up, take a shower or a bubble bath, and start your day like you normally did in the world before COVID. I guarantee you'll feel a hundred times better because you'll feel more normal. We're living in a time when we haven't been able to really see life as it is. When the world was moving at 150 miles an hour, people were going to salons and going about their lives and never really slowing down to pamper themselves. Now that you have the time, use it to take care of yourself. I’m much more thoughtful about my skincare routine. Some days I just feel down in quarantine and don’t want to get out of bed, but I remind myself that washing my face and practicing a routine is a form of self-care. Afterward I feel happy I took the time to do something good for myself and feel a little lift of happiness afterward. I’m not rushing through it because we have so much time and that’s made even a simple skincare routine an act of mindfulness. I’m finding myself doing face masks a lot more and using Aaranyaa products. Highly recommended! You can use chickpea and turmeric as cleanser. I think mashed papaya mixed with oatmeal and a little milk can work wonders. 

What are your top three products on your quarantine skincare routine?

Chahna Soni : That’s hard! I don’t have a “top three” but I always recommend everyone have their basics down: cleanser, toner, moisturiser, serum, and SPF.

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