Will India get back Kohinoor diamond in Queen Elizabeth II's crown after her death?
Will India get back Kohinoor diamond in Queen Elizabeth II's crown after her death?

London: Britain's Queen Elizabeth II has died at the age of 96. Let us tell you that in the same crown that the Queen of Britain used to wear in special events, India's famous diamond Kohinoor has been inaugurated. Not only this, but apart from this, there are 2,867 diamonds in the crown. However, now the biggest question is, after the death of the Queen, the Kohinoor diamond will be of whom. Kohinoor has been trending on Twitter since the death of Elizabeth II and people are asking questions about it. In fact, now this crown will be handed over to the next queen.

Let us tell you that the new Queen of Britain will be the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla, the wife of the eldest son of Elizabeth II Prince Charles. Yes, and after the death of the Queen, now Prince Charles will also become king. At the same time, the crown we are talking about was actually made in 1937 for the coronation of King George VI. Apart from this, many precious stones are also in the Taj. The Taj also houses a large stone gifted to Queen Victoria by the then Sultan of Turkey in 1856. He gave this to show his gratitude for the support of the British army in the Crimean War.

Let us tell you that the Kohinoor is a 105-carat diamond attached to the crown with a mount of platinum. Yes, and in front of the British crown, it is near the cross. Queen Elizabeth announced this year that Duchess Camilla would also be given the title of Queen if Prince Charles became king. At the same time, during the coronation of Prince Charles, Camilla will be handed over the crown along with Kohinoor. Let us tell you that about 800 years ago a shining stone was found in India, which was named Kohinoor. This Kohinoor diamond is one of the largest diamonds in the world. Actually, Kuh-e-Noor means mountain of lights.

It is said that it was found in the Golconda mine of India. At the same time, in 1849, when the British colony came to Punjab, it was presented to the Queen by the last Sikh ruler, Dalip Singh. Although it is also said that the British stole this Kohinoor! Apart from this, a myth is also associated with Kohinoor. It is said that this diamond is lucky for female owners, while for male owners it can cause misfortune and death.

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