R Madhavan's statement on Twitter for the baby, said- 'I'm Lallu Father, I can just...'

R Madhavan's most awaited movie 'Rocketry The Nambi Effects' has now planned a release. Madhavan, who is busy in the promotion of the movie, has not only acted in this movie but has also taken over the responsibility of direction and production himself. However, for some time now, Madhavan has been playing the role of a father in his personal life. Madhavan has also shifted to Dubai along with his family for his son Vedant's education and swimming career. After a lot of practice and rigorous training there, Vedanta has made the country proud by winning gold and silver medals at the Danish Open in Copenhagen some time ago. In this meeting, Madhavan has also talked about his son's career and his fatherhood. 

When people wanted to know from Madhavan that he had shifted to Dubai for his son's career. What kind of upbringing do you want to give him as a father? In this answer, father Madhavan says, "Every human being has the right to do what is right for his children. We shifted at a time when the swimming pools here were not open. Swimming was not possible. Not exercising or swimming at the time of a growth spurt means his career is over. So at that time decided to move and shifted. Now he is in 12th standard, so he can't get out of there. When he passes, he has to decide on a college. At that time, we will also think about where we can shift.''



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Does Madhavan put career pressure on his own children? Giving clarification on this, R Madhavan has said, 'Look, at this time I believe that it is necessary to be an expert in one thing at any young age. We had the liberty to do our studies, make a career or find a job in 20 to 25 years, but nowadays children become experts only in 16 to 17 years. People become Millionaires at the age of 20. So it is important to focus on what you are interested in. Right now his interest is in swimming. He is doing well, I am not going to put any pressure on him. He is the one to decide what to do.' What kind of father is Madhavan, to which he laughs and says, 'I am Lallu's father, I only clap and tweet.'

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